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Please Note: During the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Educational Talent Search Program activities will be offered in a virtual, distance learning environment and format. We are following CDC, state and community guidelines for safe and health environments. We look forward to being able to meet in-person in our schools, communities, on campus at EKU and have travel opportunities once again. Below you will find up-to-date ETS Activities.



Sun., May 2: 4pm: Forensic Science II (Week 4 - Conterfeiting & Forgery)

Mon., May 3: FLEX Class: Architecture Around the World w/Minecraft (Week 4): Africa and the Middle East - Moorish, Sudano-Sahelian, Byzantine & Islamic.

Mon., May 3: FLEX Class: Architecture History/Minecraft (Week 2 - Gargoyles and Angels)

Mon., May 3: 7pm: If Commercials and Art Could Talk: Learn About Persuasion and Messaging

Tues., May 4: 4pm: Fun Facts About the Human Anatomy: The Nervous System

Wed., May 5: 4pm: Women in Ancient History

Thurs., May 6: 6pm: Introduction to the Juvenile Justice System

Sun., May 9: 4pm: Forensic Science II (Week 5 - Death Meaning, Manner, Mechanism, Cause and Time)

Mon., May 10: FLEX Class: Architecture Around the World w/Minecraft (Week 5): North and South America - Inca, Neoclassical, Caribbean and Chateau.

Mon., May 10: FLEX Class: Architecture History/Minecraft (Week 3 - For the Queen)

Thurs., May 13: 7:30pm: The Inheritance Games Book Club Meeting (Chapters 40-65)

Sun., May 16: 4pm: Forensic science II (Week 6 - Review)

Mon., May 17: FLEX Class: Architecture Around the World w/Minecraft (Week 6): Catch Up and Wrap Up.

Mon., May 17: FLEX Class: Architecture History/Minecraft (Week 4 - Make It Modern)

Sun., May 23: 4pm: Forensic Science II (Week 7 - Soil Examination)

Mon., May 24: FLEX Class: Architecture History/Minecraft (Week 5 - The Good, Bad & Ugly)

Thurs., May 27: 7:30pm: The Inheritance Games Book Club Last Meeting (Chapters 66-91)

Sun., May 30: 4pm: Forensic Science II (Week 8 - Glass Evidence)

Mon., May 31: FLEX Class: Architecture History/Minecraft (Week 6 - Catch Up & Wrap Up)


Sun., June 6: 4pm: Forensic Science II (Week 9 - Tool Mark Evidence)

Sun., June 13: 4pm: Forensic Science II (Week 10 - Last Class - Review)

ETS ONLINE CLASS ASSIGNMENT FORM must be completed for any Outschool or Varsity Tutor Class. ETS Scholars who participate in a virtual/distance learning event, must submit the above class assignment form as the last step in the class/event by 10 pm the same day of class, to receive full credit for the class. Late forms will be deducted 10 minutes of participation time per each day late.

Request academic tutoring with an ETS Tutor (Request Here)

ETS Khan Academy self-paced, practice work (Register Here)

Methods Test Prep self-paced, ACT/SAT Account (Register Here)

ETS Virtual/Distance Learning Meal Credit: During the pandemic, ETS has received permission from the US Department of Education to provide meal supplements for virtual, distance learning activities. For every 90 minutes of ETS Virtual or Distance Learning Activities, the ETS Participant will earn a meal credit of $10. A participant can earn up to $100 per month in meal credits. At the end of the month, the meal credits will be tallied and the student will be sent a virtual meal supplement check. The check will usually arrive by the middle of the following month, depending on administration and mailing processes. 

Friend us on Facebook at Educational TalentSearch EKU, to have access to the quick, pop-up online classes that become available. These classes have limit space and tend to fill very quickly, so quick responses are important.

Outschool Classes: Subject Area include Arts, Coding & Tech, English, Health & Wellness, Life Skills, Math, Music, Science & Nature, Social Studies and World Languages. Classes are online through the Outschool website and use Zoom format for most activities. ETS identifies classes that meet the Educational Talent Search mission. Classes will be posted in the ETS Facebook page. ETS will enroll students and pay for the cost of the class. Students, parent/guardians are notified of class enrollment status with directions for logging into the Outschool website and class. Students who are registered for such classes (particularly in Outschool), who do not attend or do not submit their Class Assignment Form, will lose meal credit in the amount of the class cost.

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